Naval Officer Careers

Each person wants to become successful, and a challenging job can become a good opportunity to prove your high abilities. One of the most challenging careers currently existing is the career of a naval officer in the U.S. navy. People who want to become naval officers must meet various criteria and requirements. An officer of Navy must be able to carry out different duties not only at sea, but also ashore, and in the air.

There are various programs on how to become a naval officer. For instance, one can gain this status after studying at naval officer candidate school. This school is opened to the qualified noncommissioned officers and to ordinary civilians after they complete 3-month training at the school. The main task of studying there is to know how to lead because you will need to command soldiers after becoming an officer.

Other way to become a naval officer is studying at the U.S. Naval Academy. To be admitted to this institution, a person must be single and have no children. And after the graduation a person will have to serve for five years. Applicants to this institution are nominated by the government bodies of the USA.

You can also complete Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program designed for college seniors and juniors. Applicants must pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, mathematics, physics, or in an engineering discipline. The single requirement to the applicants is to have excellent grades in their subject.

Those who want to become aviation or flight officers at the Navy must be college graduates or seniors and must be fit and qualified enough to study. There is a special school for those students, Aviation Officer Candidate School, which is located in Pensacola, Fla.

The other type of a naval officer is a warrant officer. You can become a warrant officer at the Navy only if you have had 12 years of service at the Navy and the rank of a chief petty officer. Warrant officers at the Navy are senior to chief petty officers and junior to ensigns. After two years of the service as a warrant officer, you can become a limited duty officer, which is regarded as a higher rank.

Becoming a naval officer of any type is not easy at all. Many requirements regarding personal qualities and fitness exist towards naval officers. However, navy officer jobs in demand are always there for you. To find out more on this subject, please read the other sections of our website, where we provide more specific information.